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Wolfmate is your partner

in the development of your corporate safety culture, leadership training and coaching as well as related to employee participation. I also provide support in learning from incidents: I assist with incident investigations and regularly offer incident analysis method training for your experts. All services are available in German and English language.

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Developing a Safety Culture

Understanding and improving your corporate safety culture.

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  • Operational assessment of the safety culture
  • Target setting and strategy deployment
  • Implementation of proactive interventions to strengthen the safety culture
  • Hearts & Minds Toolkit Workshops
  • General support related to risk management, leadership competence and employee engagement



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Training & Coaching of Leaders

Developing the safety and leadership skills of executive and operational leaders.

Customized trainings & workshops

Safety Leadership

  • Coaching and mentoring of operational leaders by accompanying them in their day-to-day business
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Employee Participation

Increasing ownership and identification by active participation.

  • Behavior-based Safety
  • Gamification concepts for trainings and workshops
  • Implementation of Learning Teams
  • Individualized concepts and solutions
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Learning from Incidents

Incident analysis method training, workshops and 24/7 incident investigation support.

  • Training offers related to accident analysis methods, e.g. Tripod BETA, Tripod Lite, Barrier Failure Analysis (BFA)
  • Investigation Insights workshops to improve learning from incidents
  • Immediate deployment of a lead investigator: 24/7, Flying Squad
  • Structured incident investigation and analysis, e.g. with Tripod Beta
  • Moderation, execution and documentation

Please contact me for further information regarding tools and methods.

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